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The Opera-tunities program is designed to instill an early appreciation of opera among children ages kindergarten through 6th grade with a 60-minute performance in the school. Since 2011, Opera-tunities has produced eight operas, and held over 190 performances for nearly 60,000 students.

For information on reserving Opera-tunities at your school, please
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Earth to Kenzie


Kenzie is a fifth-grader with asthma, homework, and an active imagination. When she and her mother move into a shelter, Kenzie finds comfort in her video game adventures with her avatar, Edwin. Through their space adventures, Kenzie finds confidence to help her succeed in school and find contentment within her life.


Little Red Riding Hood


The children’s classic Little Red Riding Hood, adapted by Seymour Barab, features a re-imagining of the big bad wolf as a lovable character who hates sweets, as well as the ever-familiar Little Red who just wishes she had listened to her mother.

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Hansel and Gretel


Engelbert Humperdinck's Marchenoper (fairy-tale opera) first premiered in 1893 and is based on the Grimm brothers' fairy tale. It is much admired for its folk music-inspired themes.


Carmen and the Bull


The beloved children’s story Ferdinand the Bull is set to the music of Bizet’s famous opera, Carmen. This new version will delight both young and old with its timeless theme, “Be True to Yourself.” When Ferdinand becomes the best version of himself, good things happen to everyone around him!


The Toy Shop


A charming tale about a toy maker and his mechanical dolls, Paul and Pauline, who wish they were real ("If only I could cry, how happy I would be") and discover that "Love is the Key" to life...

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A one act opera based on the children's adventure series "Pinocchio," by Carlo Lorenzini Collodi, which first appeared in serial form in 1881-82 and was published in it's entirety in 1883.

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